Sep 07, 2020

14th- 15th July 2020, the BALANCE project organized its 2nd and 3rd Workshops on “Income Diversification and Fundraising” and “Financial Planning and Resource Allocation” respectively.

Both workshops were organised under the umbrella of the BALANCE project (Towards Sustainable Financial Management in Cambodian Universities), which is funded by ERASMUS+ KA2-CBHE.

The objective of the training was to promote knowledge transfer and acquisition of crucial skills and competences on financial management at HE level.

Due to the COVID-19 global outbreak, the training was conducted on-line using the Livestorm webinar platform. This platform has allowed participants to share presentation and videos, questions and answer sessions with open discussions with moderation by the EU partners, University of Alicante and University of Genoa. Cambodia partners met in the National Institute of Education of Phnom Penh, host Institution of this activity.

The “Income Diversification and Fundraising” Workshop was delivered by the University of Alicante via Dr Roberto Escarre. Presentations were focused on income diversification strategies, fundraising opportunities for international cooperation and research and methodologies like Project Cycle Management or Logical Framework Matrix.

The Financial Planning and Resource Allocation” Workshop was delivered by the University of Genoa via Dr Fulvio Principiano. Presentations were focused on the allocation and utilization of resources, Internal Planning Cycle approach, Incentives and Rewarding Systems.

Finally, on 16th July a virtual Management Meeting was organised in order to discuss the level of implementation of the project activities, next steps and future milestones.


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